‘PESI’, which stands for Possibility, Essential, Standpoint, Interpretation, is a design studio founded by two designers

(Byounghwi Jeon, Seungjoon Song) based on Seoul, Republic of Korea. We work on our design projects based on our motto.

"Find new possibility by reinterpreting an object from our point of view without losing its essentials."

Designs studio PESI's design orientation is set towards 'Vivid Industry', which pursues a more colorful thinking and sentimental

than the normal design industry's frame of being static and cold. The studio intends to deliver the experience of industrial design

in daily lives as lively and cheerful through various creative design attempts.

 Possibility, Essential, Standpoint, Interpretation 의 앞 글자를 딴 ‘PESI’는 두명의 디자이너로 구성된 디자인스튜디오다. 우리는 보고 듣고 느꼈던 모든 것들에 대해 우리만의 관점으로 재해석하여 새로운 가능성을 연구한다는 것을 목표로 프로젝트를 진행하고 있다.

디자인 스튜디오 페시(designstudio PESI.)는 정적이고 차갑게 느껴질 수 있는 기존 산업 디자인의 둘레에서 벗어나, 보다 다채로운 발상과 감성을 추구하는 ‘비비드 인더스트리’(Vivid Industry)를 디자인적 지향점으로 가진다. 재치 있는 다양한 디자인 시도를 통해 일상생활 속에 생기 있고 경쾌한 산업디자인의 경험을 전달하고자 한다.


  • Home table deco fair, Up & Coming designers (17.12.14-12.17)
  • Seoul design festival, Young designer (17.12.07 -12.11)
  • Korea design award 2017, 'Special feature' in product section
  • IFA Berlin, Samsung Electronics Creative Square (17.09.01 - 09.06)
  • Samsung Creative Fair (17.08.07 - 08.11)
  • Tortona design week, Salone del mobile milano 2017 (17.04.04 - 04.09)
  • German Design Council, Ein&zwanzig competition / the 21 winners
  • 2017 Young artists exhibition, galaxy gallery (17.02.10 - 02.16)


  • Samsung electronics, Creative square 'Design partner'
  • Kofurn furniture fair 2016 (16.08.18 - 08.21)
  • Young creative korea (16.03.25 - 3.29) / Finalists 40 : Grand prize

           (Ministry of science, ICT and Future planning minister prize)

  • Ministry of culture, sports and tourism

           Traditional product development Jeonju exhibition (16.03.14 - 03.19)


  • Seoul design festival (15.12.02 - 12.06)
  • Busan design festival (15.11.15 - 11.22)
  • Gwangju design biennale, Designboom (15.11.15 - 11.22)
  • Ministry of culture, sports and tourism                                                                                                  Traditional product development competition / 30 shortlists
  • Contents national institute of Gyounggi

           MDC fusion idea competition / Grand prize

  • Foundation of designstudio PESI.


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